The current situation in a Europe seriously affected by the pandemic has caused the creative sector to have been severely hit, both in its training and in its production.

For this reason, the Erasmus+ program of the European Union has developed a new calling to support new projects for the creative and cultural sectors to stimulate European awareness and empower people of current and future generations – regardless of social and cultural background – to be successful innovators in their local environment.

One of its goals was also to equip young people and adults with the necessary tools and competences needed to come up with creative and innovative solutions to face unprecedented risks, and societal challenges as well as to unveil opportunities that can be sought in a critical context, like this; or in a COVID or post COVID context.

These projects, to be started in March 2021, aims to enhance skills development and competences that reinforce creativity, as well as to boost quality, innovation and recognition of youth work that support the creative potential of youth, thus contributing to the recovery resilience of the cultural and creative sectors.

This means that in a few months the creative people of Europa will have new opportunities of training, collaboration and improvement of their professional horizon in multiple fields and application environments.

Stay tuned!