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CT + is a European Union Project for young creative people.

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CT+ Project: a conceptual approach to this work

What can we offer to a creative person?

Improve your skills. Show your talent. Talent that can make your creativity shine. Develop your skills in an environment and improve your career horizons.

Why should you join us?

MANY YOUNG AND CREATIVE PEOPLE from different parts of Europe are collaborating in the creation of online content designed for you; to help you grow professionally and get you closer to the market. USE THEM. Improve your creativity from an entrepreneurial perspective. TAKE A STEP FORWARD.

What can you get here?

Discover people just like you in a European Community of Creative People. Where you don’t need to have formal qualifications, where you can exchange experiences, expose your work, see the work of others, and find a partner or collaboration opportunity. Expand your horizons, Europe is here the game table. Offer and ask. Share resources and find ways to improve. Be creative in the way you communicate with like-minded people. Because we all know the best projects have more than one person behind them.


Erasmus+ KA2 Creativity Training for Europe, (CT+) supports people with talent and creative abilities , focussing on those without specific or professional training, or university degree. We intend project partners to use the open resources for their personal and professional growth.



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