As we come to the end of the funding period for the CT+ project, LMC has begun to focus on the sustainability of the project in the longer term. We are beginning to embed the final developed resources into local adult education provisions as well as our own.

LMC are including the CT+ Curriculum, Methodology and E-learning platform alongside our existing adult education provisions and they are also available to our vocational learners who are looking to improve their creativity and entrepreneurial abilities. The CT+ website and resources are available via the LMC website and there is a link to the CT+ e-learning platform via the LMC internal MOODLE learning space, this is accessible to all LMC staff and students.

Throughout the CT+ project lifetime LMC has also been working alongside several local community organisations who focus on adult education provision. The CT+ open educational resources (OERs) have now been provided to these adult education providers to be utilised by a wider target audience. These adult education providers will embed elements of the CT+ project into their service provision and signpost their adult learners to the project website and e-learning platform. One of the adult educators also plans to provide regular CT+ themed workshops for those who are wanting to investigate potential entrepreneurial opportunities. LMC will continue to share the CT+ project website and OERs with our adult learners and community partners.

Overall, LMC has found CT+ to be an extremely valuable project that has become increasingly more important as many employment opportunities in the post-Covid economy are likely to become freelance, self-employed or require entrepreneurial skills. We feel that it is more vital than ever to support the development of creativity and entrepreneurial competences in as wide an audience as possible. This has been a key theme running through the CT+ project and will continue after the project has been completed.