CT+ Project has among its priorities fostering young creative people to reinforce and/or improve their entrepreneur skills so they can succeed with their creative ideas.

Since the beginning of its development, Creativity Training Project (CT+) was presented as an interesting and solid project which could offer young creatives the possibility to improve their entrepreneur skills and get into a community where they could share their skills and talents.

From the perspective of the external evaluation, objectives of the project should work as powerful tool in the development of the careers of all these participating young creatives by empowering them and offering the possibility to show their talents on a global free accessed platform.

With the cooperation of all partners of the project (Cyprus, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and UK), all the objectives have been successfully achieved. Their efforts have resulted into an online course which from now on will be used by creative people willing to improve their skills in entrepreneurship and be more competent when developing their ideas. Furthermore, the online community will be used not only by young creatives to stay in touch and show their talent but also to create new networks and for all the public looking for any specific work to hire.

The dissemination of project results carried out so far and all the dissemination actions which will be done from now on, are key to get a great impact throughout Europe. The bigger the community grows the better for its members to develop their ideas and get to be successful creative entrepreneurs.