I found “Creativity Training for Europe” project while delving into educative platforms. I have been always very interested in creativity and how that skill works transversely, influencing my profession and studies. So, I decided to take a look at the project website to deeply check the training’s content and the curriculum. I can’t deny my surprise when I realised about the connexion between creativity and entrepreneurship! The project explores how creativity contributes to the development of entrepreneurship options, and it is aimed at collectives with low-qualifications principally.

The project allows users to rethink a business idea using competencies such as reflection and innovation, which are both key skills that provide great successful. There is no doubt that big ideas have always big doses of creativity! Furthermore, the participants counted on an activity guide which supported them during all the online training. The guide helped them to acquire the knowledge and competencies established in the curriculum.

Other relevant asset of this project is the on-line community where users can share their own experiences, resources and entrepreneurship opportunities. Working myself as a community worker, I believe that “meeting point” results very enriching for the participants.

Finally, its transferability and free availability to any interested user is one of the things I like the most. To share the knowledge in order to improve collectively!


By Mara Moliner


Image S. Hermann & F. Richter en Pixabay