Postal 3 carried out a dissemination event November 26th, with six face-to-face groups held at the Postal 3 centers in Vigo. Ten people participated in each group, including 50 Spanish participants and 10 International participants.

In each group of this event, the project “Creativity Training for Europe” was presented describing its potential and benefits. The work carried out with volunteers and collaborators since the beginning of the project was also presented, with the testimony of two of them.

Attendees learned about the tools that this project provides to creative people, and the opportunities that this entails; being able to personally review any of them during the act.

This also included the presentation of the CT + e-Learning Platform, which they could also try in person during the event.

Likewise, the CT + Creative Training Community was presented, having to attend to the many questions and curiosity of the attendees about it. Support was given to the registration of those attendees who requested it.

They were also approached about other helpful support programs for low-skilled and unemployed creative people that Postal 3 regularly runs. Attendees were also informed of other projects for creative people or those linked to the employment of low-skilled and low-qualified people that Postal 3 is carrying out or will carry out soon.

International projects for creative people, or useful initiatives linked to creativity training, or entrepreneurship in general, were also reported. And two local companies linked to creative activities explained the current requirements in the market, and the opportunities that this represents.

Finally, in all the groups, a debate was organized and developed around the current situation of creative personnel, the existing training needs, their shortcomings, future needs, and the opportunities that currently exist at the European level when developing a creative activity.

The attendees expressed their satisfaction both with the free access tools offered by CT + Project, and with the possibility that initiatives like this continue to be carried out.

In fact, a constant in the six organized groups was that the attendees stressed the need to provide more facilities and opportunities to train creativity, the need to do it specifically, to have high-quality training plans, and the need that these are always duly updated.

From Postal 3, we want to highlight and thank the good disposition of all the attendees, participating in an active and positive way in an environment conditioned by the pandemic, which made everything a little more difficult. Without them this would not have been possible.