Three events for the dissemination of the project creativity training for Europe took place on the 3/12/20 and 9/12/2020 in Amsterdam and on the 10/12/2020 in Rotterdam.

Adamob (Valia) presented the results of the two years project “Creative Training for Europe” to a mixed group of students, young professionals, artists, directors and emerging talents in Amsterdam in two different days. The event was organized within the Erasmus+ dissemination guidelines, to share the results of the project with the local communities. The participants got the opportunity to hear about the Erasmus+, the organization and further details about the project. During this event, information about Erasmus+ were presented, what is it, for whom, what are the benefits and how it works. Although most people already knew Adamob from previous events and projects, some participants were with us for the first time and they had the chance to hear more about the organization and the opportunities it offers to people of all ages. Lastly, participants got to hear about the project, the core pillar projects, the results, the methodologies of the two year-long research, the transnational cooperation, the theoretical background that was used for the creation of the online platform, the online free course and the online community. The concept of entrepreneurship can be a significant opportunity for artists to decrease the unemployment levels and the participants of the event showed a high interest in the course and the ways they may benefit from the project’s results in their real life. The event lasted one hour, as a Q&A session was followed by the presentation and then an engaging discussion about opportunities from a local to a European level.

A similar event was organized the next day in Rotterdam. The same topics were discussed in the same set up, but in another big city, in order to secure the inclusion of different groups within the country. The group of people who joint was also mixed, people who work with adults with disabilities, artists, psychologists, trainers and young creatives. An interesting point coming from this event was that many who have been expressing interest in becoming entrepreneurs, faced difficulties and various challenges in the practical aspects of that path. This is exactly one of the core issues what the project wanted to address as well. Therefore, it was a very rewarding moment for Adamob to share the results with the locals and assist them in this challenging transition. The online course is providing practical materials and tools which people can use to take their first steps. In addition, the online community provides a platform for people to network, interact with the work of others, get inspired and/or collaborate.

Overall, the events were very successful; the attendants and stakeholders expressed the will to be more in involved and to even share the project results in their Christmas newsletter. This is a clear indicator that highlights their interest in the project and its potentials. Several participants also expressed their interest in future events and mobilities, which strengths our work on a local level and the engagement of the local communities.

Adamob ME Leaflet
Adamob ME Presentation